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How can I write a critique of something that I find to be nearly perfect? The photograph is painted with nearly every color of the spectrum, from deep blue to bright yellow, with greys of the backside of the clouds to the fuzzy white of the water spray. Look at the scale that fades to the west, of t...

by Noben

This is, unless I've missed my mark, a slight departure from your traditional style. It sure catches the eyes. Shadows and lighting are good, especially the filtered sunlight that is streaming through the hay loft above her head and dapples across the arms, tail, and hay. The foreground field of vie...

by 914four

Next time you find this car, shoot low, and either move more towards the rear , straight on from the side, or shoot into the sun from the front -right quarter. Shoot high from the front-left quarter and down with the fill flash, or stand by the left-rear tyre and shoot a frame with wide aperture and...

by kkeman

The geologist in me wants to hunt down the mystery of how this landscape was created. Is it a big stratified layer of dolomite, tipped on end through the process of crustal folding, or perhaps are those fissures the result of compressive stress from some incoming tectonic plate long ago, like when t...


Avalanche Restored by Tychoaussie
Avalanche Restored
I get kind of stressed when I see my vehicles get old and tattered. So maybe it's an obsessive compulsive thing, I don't know. However it struck me this fall when my first REALLY car in like, 20 years started showing it's age. So I spent a thousand dollars and fixed it up a bit. Spent quite a few weekends getting it looking good, including lots of work on the black trim. Now, it runs like new, and looks like new, all over again. Best part is, this truck is completely paid for. Now I am Stress-free! at least as far as vehicles go, anyway :D

It's also been modified for heavy duty towing duty - I can, and have, pulled an 8000 lb. load with my avalance. Air bag suspension, synthetic fluids, engine and transmission oil coolers, brake controllers, Reese hitch, 2 meter HAM radio tranceiver, this baby has it all.

2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 4x4 1500
The birthday girl by Tychoaussie
The birthday girl
I know Fran's sisters from when I go up north to ride dirt bikes, and they are so full of life; but they are also still pesky little sisters, so when Fran turned 60, she was expecting it to be a quiet non-event. However the sisters thought it'd be a grand idea if Tycho Aussie paid Fran a visit at her place of work. Since I sort-of have a festival atmosphere around me wherever I go, I picked up a balloon and a small cake, and viola! Instant birthday party. When I showed up at the rite-aid, I enlisted the help of the entire store's customers, rounded them up, and got everyone to sing Fran the Happy Birthday song!  Fran took it really well, and she made sure her sisters knew that she "was gonna kill them".  Then again, I expect that when I show up at the store, I'll likely also receive my share of good natured grief ! :) 
Get the Football game started! by Tychoaussie
Get the Football game started!
Tycho Aussie went to the mountains of central Armenia, about 40 km north of Yerevan, where we spent the week with scientists and seismic analysts from throughout countries of the former Soviet Union. Part of the tradition of the annual Seismological school is a football tournament, which pits the seismic networks against one another. Since I was recovering from an acute case of food poisoning, I was not in any position to run about the playing field to kick a soccer ball. That, and I didn't have my knee brace. Ah, excuses, excuses! One excuse that was removed was the loss of my luggage: It had been lost for five whole days, and it showed up just an hour before this photo was taken. Enclosed within my long-lost luggage was the majority of my fursuit, so it was with joy and relief that I was able to don Tycho and become the mascot for the games. These men here are the directors of seismic networks and organizations from Great Britain, to the far-eastern regions of Russia. That's an area encompassing half the circumference of the world.


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
PhD student of geophysics at Michigan State University. Amateur radio operator, motorcyclist and 23 year member of the AMA; Christian family man, electrical engineer and aspiring volunteer freelance mascot for local charities.

This fine fursuit was constructed by :iconlilleahwest: of Beastcub Creations.

Hello Deviantart!

Summer is over, and I am back in the swing of college. It was a fast summer, with three college research trips, a lot of software development, a few weeks in Russia, and ten days in Armenia. So the summer went fast. We still managed to fit in a little bit of camping up north. In fact, we pulled the camper our longest distance yet, up to Houghton, Michigan, which is about 550 miles from our driveway in order to drop our oldest son off at Michigan Tech University, where he is starting his first year as a computer science major. In-between all that, I attempted to study for my comprehensive examinations. 

So, if you follow me here and actually read these journals, perhaps you might forgive me for the lack of updates since June. I haven’t been slacking – just very busy. I have tried to fit some fursuiting in as well, but the schedule even made that difficult, so I have less photos to share with you than normal. However,  the few I have, are really, really good, I think: One of the newest things I tried was fursuiting within the country of Armenia, amongst a hundred Armenians and Russians. The response was amazing, and if I wasn’t afraid of AIR FRANCE LOSING MY BAG AGAIN, I wouldn’t hesitate to try it again. The people of Armenia have been terrific.

So sit tight, and I will attempt to get some of these wonderful photographs from summer uploaded, along with the back story of how they came to be. I hope your autumn is enjoyable, and please wish me luck on these comprehensive examinations, because I really need to pass them in order to continue my research!


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